Review policy

I’m a enthusiastic reader and reviewer from Hungary!

I am happy to accept books (in digital or printed format) for reviewing. I do not accept audiobooks, though.

I also review other books I read, so ARC-s are not all that can be seen on this blog. That means I can only accept so many books that I should publish a review about around the same time. That’s why it’s really important to set a time frame when you make a request. It also means that your book is being reviewed and rated side by side with already popular and well-known ones! (Trust me, I’m not swept off my feet by so-called ‘hype’! If the book you offer me is really good, it can get even higher rating than those.)

When I receive a book, I normally read and review it within a month. If that’s not happening for some reason, I will let you know in time.


I’m without a doubt a literary omnivore. I read and enjoy every kind of book as long as it’s quality writing.

My favorite genres: crime/suspense/mystery, fantasy, historical fiction, humor/comedy, psychological thriller, contemporary fiction

However, as I said, my liking of a book doesn’t really depend on its genre, so if you’re sure the book you’re offering is a quality product, feel free to contact me about it! There’s a great chance I will read it.

I read both adult and young adult, depending on my mood.

What I don’t accept: children’s books and audiobooks.

If I received a book, I guarantee that there’s going to be a review. All reviews on this site are my honest and unbiased opinion about the books (may it be good or bad). To see more of my reviewing/rating system, visit this link:Β Reviewing and rating system

All reviews are posted here on my blog. I also share them on my Twitter, Goodreads and Tumblr pages, and I post a photo about the book on Instagram when I get/read it, and when I finished my review.

If you decided to request a review, send an e-mail (, or use my contact form:Β Contact

Thank you! πŸ˜‰