BLOG TOUR: ‘The Kooky Kids’ Club’ by Robbie Yates

Today, as I promised in this silly little poem last week, my blog is one of the stops at the blog tour for The Kooky Kids' Club! Let's dive in and see what my journey into this awesome middle grade book was like!


‘Sherlock Holmes and the Glad Game’ by Matt Ferraz

If you're familiar with the classic children's novel 'Pollyanna', you know very well what the so-called 'glad game' is. (I wasn't...embarrassingly I had to look it up...) If not, I'll tell you in a nutshell: it's making yourself think of something you can be glad about, even in the worst of situations. It's basically thinking positive... it's a game of optimism.

So when I read the title and the description of 'Sherlock Holmes and the Glad Game' (and then went and read about who this Pollyanna girl is...) I knew that I must read a book where Sherlock meets this game and this girl! Cynical, rational Sherlock and naive, optimist Pollyanna interact...? It must be hilarious!

Stars of the Season (Autumn, 2018)

I can't believe another season reaches its end! Time passes by so fast... But this is the case, and thus I made this list of recommendations again. I read a lot of books since the beginning of September, many great ones, some less good, but all in all I do think the good outweighed the bad.Β 

The following books belong to several different genres, many great authors - 'veterans' and debutants among them as well. They all have one thing in common, though: they all got a 4.5 or higher rating from me.