Monday Moodlifter #17

Hey guys, how this Monday's going for ya'? I'm okay, though I'm very, very busy these days. As always, a moodlifter comes in handy, and I guess you all could use one a bit, too. Let's see what we have to help us feel a bit better! 😉


‘A Delightful New Year’ by Rich Rubin

I was thinking a lot before posting this review. It's always hard when an author reaches out to you, trusts you with their work... but you can't honestly provide a positive review. I considered not posting it at first, but that didn't feel right either. For one, my loyalty is with the readers first, and they deserve to know what they get themselves into. I also wouldn't feel like it would be fair with the authors and books that I choose myself and give a bad rating for. In the end, I double-checked my review policy, and I did say there that there were definitely gonna be a review, either good or bad... and that decided it for me. Now, this is the first erotica book I've written a review for since I started my blog, and I want to emphasize that though it might seem like it's out of my usual reading habits, this in no way influenced my opinion badly. I've read erotica before in my life, and I do think it can be written well.  This book, on the other hand...