‘Gods and Legions’ by Michael Curtis Ford

It's time I write about this historical fiction book that I've actually read a while ago now... Grab your smelling coffee, and run through my thoughts! This is not going to be very long, I think. It's... compact. 🙂


Monday Moodlifter

Another Monday has come! How do you cope with? I'm actually feeling way more energetic than before, because for me, it is the heat that's not so bearable. I feel alive in the autumn and in the spring the most! So, it IS possible to be enthusiastic! How do you feel about autumn? And autumn Mondays? How is your day going? Let's see what there is to be happy about!

‘Excellent Intentions’ by Richard Hull

Well, looking at the cover, one ought to feel like 'Excellent Intentions' would be a nice autumn read! It was first published 80 years ago, but recently it was selected to be part of the British Library Crime Classics series, and it's published (with the new autumny cover!) again on the 2nd of October, 2018 - a.k.a. today!! If you feel like hearing about a crime story from the Golden Age in the company of your freshly brewed coffee, read my review about it!