Monday Moodlifter

This is a rather gloomy Monday here, the clouds are so thick it's almost like it's evening all day long. To make it worse, the small of my back hurts so much I can't really do anything but lying in bed today. I hope it gets better by tomorrow! So, a cheering up comes in handy!

Monday Moodlifter

Hey, how's your Monday going? Mine is great so far, we have the whole house to ourselves in my boyfriend's family's house by Lake Balaton (biggest lake in Central Europe). Friends were with us during the whole weekend, and one of the best ones is still here! It's chill time, yay! This is our view: … Continue reading Monday Moodlifter

‘Running From Scissors’ by T. C. Wescott

In the autumn I get many times into crime story reading mood than usual (even though I'm really a huge fan of the genre, so that's something I do normally as well), so at this time of the year a cozy mystery is something I found myself contently doing. A hot coffee and a book, under a blanket... that's the dream! And I managed to live it for a little time, even though these are a very stressful and busy couple of weeks for me.

‘The Library Book’ by Susan Orlean

'The Library Book' is one that somehow suddenly got ahead on my TBR, when I noticed it was a read now last week on NetGalley. Since the release day is 16th October, so, well, yesterday, I decided to read it during the weekend. Here's my review! May I suggest a hot cup of cappuccino or anything of the sort with it? If there's a perfect non-fiction read for a gloomy autumn day, then this one is it!

‘Things We Set On Fire’, by Deborah Reed

Here's the time for a coffee and my review of this psychological fiction novel by Deborah Reed! It's so beautifully written and interesting!  (Goodreads / Amazon) Discovery: I read it a while ago, and it was my choice of the month's Samsung Book Deals on Kindle. I wanted to read it because I like when a story … Continue reading ‘Things We Set On Fire’, by Deborah Reed