‘Still Lives’ by Maria Hummel

I'm always a huge fan of mysteries but I feel like I read more crime/mystery/thriller books in the autumn... maybe it's the cold days, longer nights, the whole atmosphere... Anyways, 'Still Lives' is another mystery book I read this autumn, and here are my thoughts on it. Grab a coffee, sit, read, and maybe then we can even discuss it! πŸ˜‰


‘The Wind between Two Worlds’, by Peter Crawley

Hey, guys! Let's try a coffee or a tea without milk or sugar added... or probably it is the best if you stick to your own habits. It's just that I found the characters in this book were oddly specific about how they took their coffee or tea. Anyways, 'The Wind between Two Worlds' is a mystery/thriller novel that deals with war veterans and homeless people and refugees.

‘Origin’, by Dan Brown

Make yourself a coffee (an iced one, if I may suggest) and get sucked into the world of Robert Langdon (again)! (I know it is actually our existing world, but these books seem to be so similar that I feel like it's a whole separate one with poor Robert being trapped in a 'history repeats itself' kind of situation...)...