This Week’s New Book Releases And Reviews – 2019/15

A lot of new books coming out this week, and I couldn't be happier, because...'s also my birthday week! (Yeah, got the whole week idea from Gilmore Girls...) This year, my birthday is on Tuesday, which is also the day when most of the books get published! Yay! Let's see which books are the ones born on the same day as I did! 😀


This Week’s New Book Releases And Reviews – 2019/9.

Hey guys, Good news: I'm almost back on schedule! Unfortunately, because of my hiatus in the last two and a half weeks, I didn't really have time to search for reviews, so it's your turn to help me out if you have written a review for a new release! Please, let me know if you have a review! It would be more helpful than ever. If you could also share the link, that would be absolutely wonderful! Thanks 🙂