‘Smash Poetry Journal: 125 Writing Ideas for Inspiration and Self Exploration’ by Robert Lee Brewer

I've always loved writing, and tried my hand at poems, too, though I have to admit that I'm more of the prose writer type.

Books I’ve Read In Less Than 1 Hour – Mini Reviews #8

Here's the next post of the Mini Reviews series, and it's more eclectic than ever! Today I share my thoughts about yet another three books: a children's picture book that keeps it fresh with inspiring creativity, a self-help book about overcoming stress, and a short book of a poem with beautiful illustrations that is most likely a gift book.

Books I’ve Read In Less Than An Hour – Mini Reviews #7

It's poetry time again! As part of my mini reads/mini reviews series, today I share my thoughts about three collections of poems: 'In a Dream You Saw a Way to Survive' by Clementine von Radics, 'With Gratitude' by Marala Scott, and 'This Is The Journey' by Alison Malee. All three books have been recently released.

Books I’ve Read In Less Than 1 Hour – Mini Reviews #6

Three little books get to be discussed today: two of them has a similar theme - what we do to our bodies. One is poetry and one is a short, sweet story. The third book is a comic about books. It doesn't go with the other, too, but I couldn't resist: come on, it's about books! There's literally 'book' in the title. I knew I must read it, and I simply had to include it! Read my thoughts below! πŸ˜‰

Books I’ve Read In Less Than 1 Hour – Mini Reviews #5

Today's mini review post is one that only contains poetry collections. Recently I caught myself reading more and more poetry - that's something I used to only once in a while (though I've always enjoyed poems), but lately it has been kind of a new relaxation form for me. I don't know if this will become a tradition or not, but right now I'm here to show you three books of poetry: all three have been just released yesterday: March 5th, 2019!

Books I’ve Read In Less Than 1 Hour – Mini Reviews #4

The time has come for another round of reviews of shorter books! In today's post you can read about two modern poetry books and one book that's so special I can't really define its genre: it's a comic book about gastronomical experiences and also a cook book. Let's dive in!

‘Love Looks Pretty on You’ by Lang Leav

This time I bring you a book of poetry - something that's not exactly my usual thing to read, but from time to time I feel like my soul needs it. Thus I found 'Love Looks Pretty on You', and decided to read it. Grab a mug of coffee, and if my review makes it sound a good fit for you, you might even read this collection, too - in one sitting! πŸ˜‰

‘Lord Of The Butterflies’ by Andrea Gibson

This is a book that surprised me. Being poetry and only 96 pages, I thought this was going to be a fast review, part of a mini reviews post. After reading a couple of poems, I felt something inside of me, something pulled me in, and I had thoughts and feelings, and I realized this collection of poems deserved its own post.