Monday Moodlifter #11

Hey guys, I'm very hopeful that this week will be awesome, because it's my birthday week! 😀 My birthday is tomorrow, and that gives me a bit of energy, as well as the spring that's already rolling on full speed! Our 3 year anniversary with my boyfriend is also this week. My wish is that everyone I know and/or interact with tomorrow, and this week, will have a joyful time, and I'm trying to convey all my energy to your direction!

Monday Moodlifter #8

Hey guys, my life took a very fast speed during the last week, and I feel like I can't catch up. It's good in a way, but also very stressful. I always welcome exciting turns, and I'm positive everything will turn out just fine, but with this crazy ride it's like my soul has stuck somewhere behind me. I don't know if you know the feeling. Anyways, some quick cheering up is exactly what I need now, and it would probably do good for you, too!

Monday Moodlifter #6

It's the first happy post in March, the first month of spring! I can already feel the sunshine on my face if I concentrate enough (though so far it's more fantasy than fact - sun might shine, but it's yet super chilly)... a season of hope is about to come. I hope you feel well, and I'm here to share a couple of things that my help you get through the day!

Monday Moodlifter #5

Hey everyone, I'm back with the moodlifter posts! I'm through my crazy hiatus weeks, and I've got a job offer (though I still have to pass a pretty hard language exam before I can work in Germany), so everything's great right now! I hope you have a wonderful time, too, but if not, here are a couple of things to be a little happier about! 😉