Books I’ve Read In Less Than 1 Hour – Mini Reviews #6

Three little books get to be discussed today: two of them has a similar theme - what we do to our bodies. One is poetry and one is a short, sweet story. The third book is a comic about books. It doesn't go with the other, too, but I couldn't resist: come on, it's about books! There's literally 'book' in the title. I knew I must read it, and I simply had to include it! Read my thoughts below! πŸ˜‰


Books I’ve Read In Less Than 1 Hour – Mini Reviews #5

Today's mini review post is one that only contains poetry collections. Recently I caught myself reading more and more poetry - that's something I used to only once in a while (though I've always enjoyed poems), but lately it has been kind of a new relaxation form for me. I don't know if this will become a tradition or not, but right now I'm here to show you three books of poetry: all three have been just released yesterday: March 5th, 2019!

Books I’ve Read In Less Than 1 Hour – Mini Reviews #3

It's time for another round of mini reviews! I've had a couple of fast reads during the last weeks - it's random and eclectic, but I think it's fun! Here are those that are already published. (Some of my reads are only due in the spring, so those reviews will come later. I only included here those that are available around this time.) There's poetry, there's humor and there're cookies, too! πŸ˜‰ Grab a coffee and let's see!

Books I’ve Read In Less Than 1 Hour – Mini Reviews #1

This post is not only one of 'mini' reviews, as in very short ones. It's also aboutΒ mini books. Small ones. Especially short poetry collections, short stories, comics/humorous books, children's picture books. I read a couple of these every once in a while, and I'd love to review them on my blog, too - I just always find them too short to make an individual blog post. That's why I decided to create this post (and hopefully a lot more to come), to share my thoughts on these little, not so complex books, too.