‘The Tails/Tales of Fin and Fang: Bare/Bear Trouble’ by Kat Morris

This was a very cute book about two funny and lovable fox brothers. See, they like to prank people - but by the end they learn their lesson. Which is awesome, and I found this story really adorable. What I'm not a 100% sure about is how this book will help kids learn homophones.

‘Timothy Mean and the Time Machine’ by William A. E. Ford

Today's review is going to be quick (just like our coffee break): I bring you a children's picture book, not very long, but beautiful and fun. This is the first time ever that I write an individual blog post about such a book (I usually review them in my Mini Reviews series), but this time it was the author personally who reached out to me, so I thought I should do it like this. He deserves all the attention that other authors get when I review their books per their request. So...let's dive in!

Books I’ve Read In Less Than 1 Hour – Mini Reviews #8

Here's the next post of the Mini Reviews series, and it's more eclectic than ever! Today I share my thoughts about yet another three books: a children's picture book that keeps it fresh with inspiring creativity, a self-help book about overcoming stress, and a short book of a poem with beautiful illustrations that is most likely a gift book.