BLOG TOUR: ‘What Happened To Us?’ by Faith Hogan

It might be too much of an in medias res introduction, but I feel like I should start this post with saying: this is the perfect November read. If you haven't read it yet, please do! Why, should you ask. Well... Let's see.

BLOG TOUR: ‘One Very Odd Teacher’ by Robbie Yates

Guys, imagine, this time I was able to finish a book for a blog tour!! After last time I tried really hard not to fall out of schedule, and I managed! Yay to me. So, this time this blog tour post contains everything possible: first of all, my review, and then every available information on the book and the author!

BLOG TOUR: ‘In Servitude’ by Heleen Kist

I am so excited to present my very first blog tour post! This is going to be a review of the psychological suspense/mystery book 'In Servitude', which I liked very much, and I'm so lucky to have been able to read it, and be part of this tour! This book is really something that's worth reading. A huge thank you to both the author and Digital Reads Blog Tours for giving me the opportunity to put my paws on this one! Grab a coffee and see what makes me recommend it! 😉