“I Love Happy Cats: Guide for a Happy Cat” by Anneleen Bru

By now you’re probably well aware that I got a kitty this summer and I cannot be any more happier with her.

“The Evening and the Morning” by Ken Follett

Being in quarantine had one big advantage: after long, long years, I finally had time to read longer books.

Like, really, really long books. If you’re familiar with Ken Follett’s writing, you might have an idea how long.

First Post of a New Era

Times change. Life passes you by, and whatever happens, whatever life throws at you along the way, at the end of the day it is your choice if you just let it to, or if you actually do live during the journey.

Book Blitz Tour: ‘Belters’ by Greg Alldredge

This time, it’s a really good sounding science fiction that we get to learn a bit more about, thanks to Digital Reads Blog Tours!

It’s ‘Belters’ written by Greg Alldredge.

Book Blitz Tour: ‘The Honest Liar’ by Leslie Georgeson

Today I bring you a little info about ‘The Honest Liar’, a romantic suspense novel written by Leslie Georgeson – courtesy of my friend Shalini and Digital Reads Blog Tours!

Let’s see what we have to know about this book!

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Monday Moodlifter 2020/3

Hey everyone,

Have an awesome Monday!

What are you doing today?

Are you working? Are you at home? Are you struggling?

Here’s some things to lighten your mood a little bit! 😉

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Monday Moodlifter 2020/1

Good news: the Monday Moodlifters are back!

I was thinking a lot about this before deciding to bring these posts back, because it takes a lot of time to have a weekly recurring post, and my schedule is pretty hectic. I decided to do it anyway.

I think in these times, which are hard for everyone, everywhere around the world, it is even more important than before that we’re taking at least a couple of minutes for light, uplifting thinking, even if it’s only once in a week. So, here it is: Monday Moodlifters are back!


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