Launch of Global Hug Book Blogger Directory!! (and other small changes to this blog)

Hi everyone,

I'm happy to announce that the Global Hug Book Blogger Directory has officially launched!

This is the book blogger directory I've been talking about here and on Twitter.

‘Diary of a Somebody’ by Brian Bilston

Last week I got something magical with my mail: a sweet, warm and comfortable afternoon in a box. As I told about it before, last month I finally decided to join a book subscription box, and it's been a delight so far! The first book I got was 'Diary of a Somebody', written by the popular "Twitter'-poet, Brian Bilston.

‘Chocolate and Book’ Box Unboxing

My first ever Book Box has arrived! I couldn't be more excited. No, excited is not even the right word. Bewitched. Yes, I am bewitched!   I've been thinking about subscribing to a book box for at least a year now. What held me back were mostly two things: What if I wouldn't like the … Continue reading ‘Chocolate and Book’ Box Unboxing

‘break your glass slippers’ by Amanda Lovelace

I have a feeling that these books by Amanda Lovelace should be marketed under self-improvement (I mean like self-help for women with low self-esteem...or simply just women, everywhere in the world). Her topics are important, the message is clear, but not over-emphasized, the structure is logical, the illustrations lightly support the whole idea.

It's a great book.

‘I Hope You Stay’ by Courtney Peppernell

(Goodreads/Amazon) Another collection of modern poetry where I'm not a hundred percent sure where the actual poetry is. I don't say that this book actually bad is. It isn't. When I started to read it, I even thought these so called poems could raise the feeling inside me that somebody narrated them to me, I … Continue reading ‘I Hope You Stay’ by Courtney Peppernell

Blog Tour: ‘Rise of the Rays’ by Wes Markin

I was so excited to get the chance to read this book!!

I was part of the first blog tour, for the first volume in the series (and the author's debut) and I was immediately hooked! I couldn't believe how good it was. Like.. where was this author before?? He should've been already around, writing bestsellers.

I'm so happy to have figured out that this was a series, and there's more to come!