‘The Strange Casebook’ by Syd Moore

As we're slowly, but certainly approaching the end of October (well, at least we're in the middle of it), spooky books come in more and more handy. So, hug that mug of warm coffee, and read my thoughts on this collection of spooky short stories!


‘The Library Book’ by Susan Orlean

'The Library Book' is one that somehow suddenly got ahead on my TBR, when I noticed it was a read now last week on NetGalley. Since the release day is 16th October, so, well, yesterday, I decided to read it during the weekend. Here's my review! May I suggest a hot cup of cappuccino or anything of the sort with it? If there's a perfect non-fiction read for a gloomy autumn day, then this one is it!

Monday Moodlifter

Hey guys! How is this Monday going for you? For me it is pretty busy with driving lessons, German learning (both exams are next week) and shopping (which to some might sound good, but I hate it deeply). So, we definitely need some cheering up! At least I know I do. Let's see what there is to be happy about!