Monday Moodlifter

How’s the weather there?

I was suffering from the heat so much that these rainy couple of days here are really a refreshment for me! (I know, summer’s great and stuff, but I only appreciate it on the beach and this year it was too much for me even there… I’m physically unwell when it’s too hot. Maybe I should move to Scandinavia or something. Global warming messed it all up here.)

So, as every week, I’m here for making your Monday a little better!

Let’s see what there is to be joyful about!

1. Tons of newly released books this week (again)!

Here’s my list of them: This Week’s New Book Releases and Reviews!

It’s really inspiring how many writers make it, isn’t it?

See it all!

2. Music for your ears and soul:

3. Talking about music:

Read my Quote of the Week that’s about music! I think music in itself is very inspiring and motivational! It’s magic beyond the words. Never stop letting it reach your soul!

4. And, at last, something cute:

low angle view of cat on tree
Photo by Pixabay on

Baby kitty on the tree! ❤ I originally wanted to post a photo of a puppy instead, but this little one just melted my heart and I couldn’t resist. So, next week puppy it is! 😀


Hugs 🙂

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