This Week’s New Book Releases And Reviews


Another cold winter day, and as the Holidays are approaching, more and more books are published. Let's see what we've got this week! For the newbies (welcome 😘): if you don't yet know what this is all about: I'm posting a list every Monday of the books that get released during the current week. I … Continue reading This Week’s New Book Releases And Reviews

Monday Moodlifter

Snow has come here, and I'm so happy it has! I love it before it gets all dirty and muddy after a while... and of course, because the weather has been going crazy for a while now, and mostly we've got snow and freeze in March. When I'm already fed up with winter and cold and stuff like that. That's not cool. But now I'm happy about it because it's finally snowing at the time it's supposed to, and it's beautiful, and finally, after so many years I can't count, we're having a potential for a white Christmas!


BLOG TOUR: ‘Can You Hula Like Hilo Hattie?’ by Tyler Colins

What better there is in a terrible, cold, wet weather (when all day seems to be evening and you can't decide if the thing falling from the grey clouds is rain or snow) than taking a journey into a mystery novel set in sweet and fun Hawaii? Well, I can think of a lot of things that are great to do, but this was definitely one of them!